A Couple of Eggs

Two eggs, potatoes or grits, toast or biscuit     $6.95
Two eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes or grits, toast or biscuit     $8.95
Two eggs, ham or Canadian bacon, potatoes or grits, toast or biscuit     $8.95
Two eggs, corned beef hash, potatoes or grits, toast or biscuit     $9.95
Two eggs, chicken breast, potatoes or grits, toast or biscuit     


Two poached eggs over a toasted English muffin with Hollandaise sauce, served with potatoes

The Classic with Canadian bacon     $11.95
Florentine with spinach     $11.95
Californian with turkey and avocado     $12.95
Norwegian with Nova Lox     $12.95


Steak and Eggs potatoes or grits, toast or biscuit     $13.95
Country Fried Steak topped with house sausage gravy, served with two eggs, potatoes or grits, and toast or biscuit     $9.95
Biscuits and Gravy Skillet     $6.95
Topped with two eggs     $2.00

The Bowls

Kalimera Bowl Greek yogurt, blueberries, walnuts, honey     $7.95
Steel Cut Oats brown sugar, raisins with fresh fruit     $5.95
Seasonal Fruit Salad     $6.95


Served with potatoes or grits and toast or biscuit

Plain Omelette     $7.45
Ham or bacon and cheese     $9.95
Mushroom and Swiss     $9.95
Greek spinach, tomato, feta     $10.95
House Chili and Cheddar     $10.95
Western ham, peppers, onions     $9.95
Denver peppers and onions     $8.95
Farmer’s tomato, spinach, onion, mushroom, peppers, cheddar     $10.95

Add any item: tomato, onion, pepper, spinach, mushrooms, cheese     $0.95

Add any item: ham, bacon, sausage     $1.95

Egg whites     $1.00

Off the Griddle

Buttermilk Pancakes     $6.95
Banana Walnut Pancakes     $8.95
Chocolate Chip Pancakes     $8.95
Elvis Cakes topped with peanut butter and banana     $8.95
The Hat Trick three buttermilk pancakes, three eggs, three pieces of bacon or sausage     $10.95
Belgian Waffle     $7.95
Chicken & Waffle Plate buttermilk battered tenders, maple syrup     $11.95
French Toast     $7.95
French Toast Deluxe two eggs, bacon or sausage     $10.95

Top any of the above with fresh fruit     $2.00

The Toasts

The Toast Sandwich English muffin or bagel, two eggs, cheese, and sausage or bacon     $6.95
Nova Lox Plate toasted bagel, cream cheese and all the fixings     $12.95
Avocado Toast ripe Hass avocado, spring mix, lemon     $6.95
Topped with a fried egg     $1.00
“A BELT” Avocado, Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich on toast     $8.95
Croque Madame grilled ham and cheese sandwich topped with a fried egg     $7.95

Substitute bagel or English muffin for toast or biscuit     $0.75

On the Side

One egg any style     $1.45 Sliced Tomatoes     $2.95
Ham or Canadian bacon     $3.95 Applewood bacon     $3.25
Sausage patties or links     $3.25 Corned beef hash     $3.95
Potatoes     $2.95 Grits     $2.95
Toast     $2.75 Bagel     $2.95
English Muffin     $2.95 Cream Cheese     $0.95


To Drink

Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea, Sodas     $2.45
Fresh Orange Juice     
single     $2.45
double     $3.45
Café Latte     

Parties of six or more subject to an 18% gratuity charge.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.